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After great trepidation the two day Inter Livery shoot at Holland & Holland finally took place on the 8th/9th September and was deemed to be a great success, being hugely enjoyed by all those who participated. We would like to extend our thanks to the 55 livery companies for taking part in the event and helping to keep part of our livery institution going in these difficult times.

The layout as ever challenged several Liveryman and the High Tower foxed the best with nobody scoring 10\10.

The revised Lunch arrangement with having a break in the shooting and serving the  main course “in the field”, has by all accounts been a popular move. We do though appreciate the weather was dry, and if this format is to be adopted and the weather wet then more cover would be needed at the four food stations.

Both Chris and I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Holland & Holland team – Nicolas Olliver and Chris Bird in particular worked very hard to ensure we complied with all regulations and they liaised closely with the local Council to ensure they too were happy for the event to proceed.

The results are published, and the event will revert to the 12th & 13th May for 2021 and the Draw for who shoots which days is also published.

Thank you to Lance Whitehouse, Clerk to the Bakers Company, for drawing the teams for 2021.

We hope that by May next year we are in easier times and that the event will happen as it always does. In the meantime, we wish you well and our thanks to all of you who shot this year.

Chris Parr \ Richard Ferrand 

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