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February 2024


Dear Fellow Liveryman,


The 2024 competition will take place at the West London Shooting School on Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th May.


The huge support that all Livery Company’s have given this event over the last 31 years is never taken for granted – we as the current organisers are very grateful for that loyalty and the opportunity to make the event memorable year on year.  


Along with Mark Heath and Chris Da Camara at WLSS we are always working to upgrade and improve the event.


This year’s event will see a number of stands changed to keep the shooting exciting and challenging and a 9.00am shooting start to get back in good time for lunch - more on that in the April newsletter. But – for those hoping to rush round and be gone \ back in their offices for the afternoon, that’s always going to be a difficulty and not one we want to encourage. Please view this event has a whole day.


We can though confirm that the food element has one very big PLUS –

The return of the Hog Roast! 

We have decided that the moment has come when this icon of the event is back. We will keep the buffet style lunch and everyone will be seated at a table as a team.


By shooting over two days to accommodate every Livery Company that wants to take part, it makes the prize giving for the whole event difficult. So we have decided that the main Prizes \ Cups will continue to be sent to the Livery Company’s after the event and the monies won sent to the Charities of the winners choice.


But to make the day rather more fun for those actually there, we have increased the number of “on the day” prizes with some fun idea’s for those further down the results page. These will be in the form of cash donations to a charity of the winners choice.

The Top \ Bottom Flush Teams each day will continue to receive Magnums \ Bottles of Champagne.


One thing that has over the last couple of years become more apparent is the “Novice or Inexperienced Shot”. The event is geared towards those who have had some extensive shooting experience \ shooting skills \ gun safety. We want to keep the amateur element – it is after all the majority of us ! But we are unable to “teach” or have others teaching on the day. It unfortunately increases the shooting time and unintentionally brings up safety issues. 


To that end we will have in place going forwards a rule that if Mark Heath (MD and Senior Instructor at WLSS) deems a person’s ability \ experience insufficient for the event, we will ask them to stand down for the day. But to ensure that disappointment becomes a positive, WLSS will offer a free lesson with an instructor, to encourage that person to learn more of our sport. The Team will of course continue and shoot the spare gun between them.


The Draw has taken place and the list of Livery Company’s, and which day they are shooting, is on the Team Allocation Day 2024 on the web page.


The Application Form is now open for use on the Web page – this is the only way to enter a team.


We are fortunate that even as early as we are in the new year, entries are well underway. We are for the first time LIMITING the number of teams to shoot each day to 60 – NO exceptions. No entry is confirmed until payment is received.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or need advice on the event.


Best wishes,


Chris & Richard

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