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The 2023 Inter Livery Shoot took place at The West London Shooting School on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th May and was over subscribed.

So our first words in this newsletter have to be a huge and grateful thanks to all those that took part.

The weather on both days was wonderful – the breakfast and subsequent lunch delicious with the catering operation at WLSS doing a superb job – our thanks to Christopher Da Camara and all his team.

The return to being altogether in a marquee, which was the original format, was welcomed as was the return to the BBQ buffet lunch. Both worked exceptionally well.


We were there to shoot and it wasn’t a disappointment – Mark Heath – MD of WLSS – organised a challenging but fun set of stands which included 4 \ 2 \ 1 man Flush’s to give a faster shooting moment. It highlighted the need to have some skills \ experience to get round the course, and we will next year be cautioning against very inexperienced \ novice shots participating. This is partly because we don’t have the instructors to supervise and secondly the amount of time “on the stand” a novice shot takes causes a delay. 

The first day did include a number of queue’s forming and shooters were in some cases very late in for lunch. Our apologies to those that either didn’t complete all the stands or came back late.

Moving to WLSS had to bring about some changes – a few of which were not ideal - but we reacted immediately and reorganised for the second day by starting at 9.15am - ensured the markers on each stand speed up their process of getting guns in and out of stands – had a loader on the 1 man flush, and finally, managed everyone’s expectations by delaying lunch. As a result the first teams back to the marquee were circa 1.30pm with everyone in by 2.30pm.


The Results are on the web page but suffice to say:

The Overall Winner of the Team Events – being the Glorious 12th finisher was the Farriers Court Team.

The Top Livery Company was The Grocers D Team.


The purpose of the day is to allow Liveryman \ Freeman to meet each other, and the change we made this year of the team waiting to shoot the 4 man Flush loaded for the team shooting helped that process. Also – monies from the winners go to many charities of their choice all over the UK.


A number of Liveryman have taken the time to email us with your thoughts on the day – thank you for doing so. The comments re the first day were taken on board and acted upon – hence day two was significantly better.

All comments are welcome and where we can, we will make changes.

We run the event for Liveryman and Freeman to enjoy and it was nice to see that all emails confirmed their attendance for 2024.

On the shooting side, Mark tells me that all the stands bar the three Flush’s and High Tower will change for 2024.


And Finally:

Thanks to the WLSS team who were brilliant and went above and beyond to make it all work.

And to all who participated – Thank You.

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