As you are all aware the current scenario with Coronavirus is both serious, but also an unknown quantity in terms of the length of time it may affect our day to day lives and as the Organisers of The Inter Livery Shoot – we realise that the May event is a non-starter – so please advise your teams that the 13th & 14th has been postponed until September.


However, we are determined that there should be an annual Inter Livery shoot and are pleased to say that Holland & Holland have freed up Tuesday 8th & Wed 9th September which will allow us to replicate the May event. We hope there will be continued support for these days and they will remain as “drawn” for day 1 or day 2


We were going to announce nearer the May dates some new “winners & losers” opportunities on each day, and we will now do this nearer September. It’s all geared to more “middle ranking” teams having the chance of winning or losing!!We both really hope Liveryman will make the effort to attend, it doesn’t need us to remind everyone of the “charitable” benefits of these days to a very wide range of organisations, let alone the enjoyment of all those participating!


Thank you for your continued support


Chris Parr    Richard Ferrand

Mobile: 07708 307 935


Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds
Ducks Hill Road

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