Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th September 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Inter Livery Shoot WILL be taking place over two days being the 8th & 9th September at Holland & Holland.


Our partners at H&H along with ourselves have worked hard to find the right balance of safety for everyone without reducing the fun and enjoyment of the event.


The shooting aspect in terms of number of stands \ the flush and number of targets remains exactly the same as in previous years.


There are though some inevitable changes to comply with current recommendations and safety:


  • The arrivals arrangements will be changed so that everyone is scanned \ registers \ signs the disclaimer and moves through to collect breakfast which will be predominantly undercover \ outside.


  • The Briefing will make everyone aware of the format of the day and compliance we all need to adhere to. This applies in particular to those waiting to shoot and distancing whilst doing so.


  • The shooting will mean more handling of cartridges by the shooter rather than the instructor \ cleaning of H&H guns by the shooter for those that haven’t brought their own.


  • The mid-morning refreshments will stay in place and be brought round on a buggy.


  • Lunch will be served in a sit down format with tables of 4 in the main – so teams can sit together – and will be spread throughout the ground floor of the clubhouse.


  • Bars for drinks will be available and a payment system to make it easy and quick to purchase using Contactless Payments


  • Loos will be constantly cleaned and numbers using them limited at any one time.


  • Masks: we will be outside for  majority of the time and inside with doors OPEN for lunch – masks are not mandatory for this activity but can of course be worn by anyone who feels they would like to do so.


  • Hand Sanitiser in small H&H dispensers will be issued to every shooter on arrival for their personal use throughout the day.


  • It is regretted – but there is NO opportunity for any other attendees other than those that are shooting – entry will be refused to any other visitor.


Holland & Holland will be having extra staff within the clubhouse and ensuring both you and they are kept safe.


Prizes: This will follow the usual format of daily winners \ losers and those that are winning cups for overall scores.


BUT – all this extra work along with being very realistic on safety means numbers per day have had to be reduced. We will shoot 11 LESS teams per day and with that we believe we are offering the best opportunity for the event to work.


Some Livery Company’s entering multiple teams will have fewer this year, but we want every Livery that wants to take part to have a team.


Chris will be in touch with every Clerk \ Captain who heads up their Livery with details. For those that have already paid in full for their teams these entries are confirmed. For those that have paid and now choose not to take part, there will be a 5% deduction on the refund for our costs in doing so. We hope this won’t be the case.


IF – circumstances change and we hit a 2nd phase of Covid 19 and are forced to cancel at short notice we will refund 100% - please be sure we will not run this event if there is any significant risk in doing so.


We hope that this will not be the case and everyone will feel able to participate and have a great day – we are after all doing this for a variety of Charities as well as the Lord Mayor’s own Charity.


Best wishes


Chris Parr - Richard Ferrand

Mobile: 07708 307 935


Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds
Ducks Hill Road

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