“Winners” of cash prizes are able to donate their money to a charity of their choice – hence the very wide and endlessly changing support we can give to many causes.


We are delighted that the below are recent recipients:


Annual Donations: 

The Lord Mayors Appeal \ The Princes Trust \ The Sheriff’s & Recorders Charity


The “Hit the Orange Clay” in the Flush 2022 – Split 50/50 to:


The Ukrainian Relief Fund & The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust


Variable Donations in recent years by winners include:


Gunmakers Trust

Whitechapel Mission

Cancer Research

Friends In Need

7200 Trust

Marketors Trust

Croydon Night Watch

Ebony Horse Trust Brixton

The Royal Trinity Hospice

Grocers Charitable Trust

Fishmongers Charitable Trust

Salisbury Hospice Trust

North London Hospice

Prostrate Cancer Research

W.C.I.B. Charitable Trust

Information Technologists Charity Trust

Turners St Pauls Bell Appeal